Custom Forms FAQs

Why should I use custom forms?

You should use custom forms if you have standard information about your jobs or customers that you’d like to have collected by your team in the field or by your staff in the office.

Who can see my job forms?

Anyone with access to a job can see the forms associated with that job. 

Who can see customer forms?

Anyone who has access to your customer list can see the forms associated with your customers.

How do I build custom forms?

You can build your custom forms from the web app. Just click the Forms tab in the left menu bar of the web app. You can then pick a template from the template library and customize it, or you can create a new form from scratch. Just drag and drop the sections you’d like to include into the form builder.

What is a form association?

A form association dictates where your form will live in Breezeworks. You can associate forms with jobs or customers. You can also optionally filter those associations to only show a form on a job or customer that has been tagged with a tag of your choice.

Can I edit a form once I've created it?

You can edit a form from the web as long as there haven’t been submissions yet. Once there are submissions, you can clone your form and then make changes. Then, you’ll want to remove the original form’s association from a job or customer. This will replace the original form.

How do I view form submissions?

You can view form results from the form tab of any job or customer. You can review the results by going to Forms, then clicking on your template and clicking on the Submissions tab.

What happens if I delete a template?

If you delete a template, then all of your form submissions will be deleted too. If you don’t want to use a form anymore, I suggest you simply remove the association for the form. It will no longer show under your customer or job, but all results will be saved. 

Can I upload an existing form that I’m already using?

While you can’t upload your existing form, you should be able to rebuild it. Our form building tools provide lots of options for creating the right layout and custom fields.

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