Invoicing and payments FAQ

What are the steps for creating an invoice or payment from the mobile apps?

To create an invoice or payment from the Android or iPhone app, tap the + in the lower right corner of your screen, then tap the payment icon. You'll then see the option to create an invoice or go directly to collecting payment.



What are the steps to creating an invoice or payment from the web app?

To create an invoice or payment from the web app, click on payments in the menu bar on the left side of your screen. You'll then see buttons at the top of the screen to either create an invoice or collect payment.



Can I link a payment to a job?

You can link a payment that you've already created to a job on your schedule. Just click or tap on the job from your schedule and then go to the payment tab inside the job. You'll see the option to choose an existing payment for that job. Select this option and your payment and job will be linked.



What happens if I unlink a payment from a job?

If you unlink a payment, your job will show that it hasn't been billed yet and your invoice or payment will still show under the payments overview screen.



How can I use invoicing and payments functionality to collect a deposit?

You can collect a deposit by sending an invoice or collecting payment from your customer for the deposit amount, then sending an invoice or collecting payment for the balance. Note that you can only link one payment to a job on your schedule, but you'll see both payments listed under your customer and on the payment summary screen.



Who can see the ability to take a payment?

You can customize who has access to payment from your Team tab of settings on the web app.



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