Online Booking with Breezeworks Service Requests

Your customers can easily request appointments directly from your website, Facebook page, or profile on marketplace sites like Yelp and Angie’s List. Simply create a personalized link from the settings page of the Breezeworks web app, add it to your site or profile, and customers can start submitting appointment inquiries immediately though your custom service request portal.


Breezeworks service requests help you:

  • Bring in more work with fewer phone calls

  • Provide a professional booking experience

  • Collect accurate customer and job information while minimizing data entry

  • Track the source of new business

  • Analyze what services customer are requesting


To get up and running with your service request portal, follow the instructions below.


1. Create your links. Log in to your Breezeworks account using our web app. Click your name in the upper right and choose Account, then Settings > Service requests. Under the Links section, you’ll see a “Default” link that’s been created for you. Use this link to send customers to your service request portal. If you wish, you can add additional links so you can track where your service requests are coming from. For example, create one link for your website, one for your Facebook page, and one for your Yelp listing.

2. Customize your page. Choose what options customers have when requesting a service time, edit the page text to provide specific details about your company or process, and select an accent color to match your brand.

3. Define services. Encourage customers to submit a request by giving them specific services to choose from. These services will appear in a drop-down list on your service request form. Customers can always choose “Other”, or add additional details about their service needs. 

4. Set up notifications. Choose which of your employees should receive notifications when new service requests arrive, and whether those notifications should come via email or on their mobile device. You can also customize the confirmation messages sent to customers after they submit a request. 

5. Test your service request portal. Once you've customized the service request page to your liking, click the three dots next to one of your links and choose View service request page. If the page looks good, return to settings and again click the three dots next to your link, but this time choose Copy link URL to clipboard. You can now take that link and it to your website, post it on your Facebook page, use it on a marketplace profile, or send it to your web designer or social media manager.

With your new service request portal up and running, it’s time to let the jobs roll in!

You can view and manage your inbound service requests from the Service requests tab of the Breezeworks web app, which you can find here.


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