• Breezeworks works in a 1:1 ratio so there can only be one invoice per job.  Same idea with estimates.
  • You can only add one photo per note but you can add as many notes you want!
  • There isn't a way to add a PDF to an invoice like you can in estimates
  • Preferred notifications are defaulted to Do Not Notify.  If you want to change them, just go to your customer details page and scroll down to the bottom of the page
  • The Team map feature will track your employees via GPS on their phone.  Make sure they have their location services turned.  They can find this by going to their phone's settings then selecting the Breezework's app
  • The owner's details will be the information that appears on all estimates, invoices, and receipts
  • The Google calendar link is just an overlay of your Google calendar events on your Breezeworks schedule.  There isn't a continuous sync back and forth.  You can create jobs based off of your Google Calendar events


  • We don't have a reporting feature at this time but if you'd like specialized reporting just reach out to our team at support@breezeworks.com and we can help
  • Settings can be found by selecting your name button on the top right-hand corner of your web page.  Select the gear icon or Breezeworks logo if you are looking for settings on your mobile device.
  • You can only create an invoice once a job has been scheduled and saved on your calendar
  • We offer Secondary addresses for customers that might have multiple addresses.  When sending the estimate, invoice, and receipt, the billing information will still be that of the primary customer.  If you would like to add a Secondary address, just go to your customer details page and scroll down to the button of the page


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